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Wedding Officiant | Healing & Well-Being Proctor DFW Denton, Dallas, Ft Worth

*A note for my Astrology enthusiasts!
My Astrological placement is:
Cancer/Sun, Aries/Moon, Capricorn/Rising, Sagittarius/North Node.


I am many things, but I am not any single thing. Of those things, I am a Spiritual Counselor, Clairvoyant, NLP Master, Esoteric, Artist, Creative, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Empath, Loser, Victim, Survivor, Fighter, Lover, Helper, Seeker, Finder, Healer, and so much more. I am not only a physical body in a physical world, I am an incredible mind, and a beautiful soul. Just like YOU!

For over 20 years I have researched esoteric knowledge and explored the possibilities of human consciousness. It is through my own personal journey that I have come to certain understandings that have opened the door to true connection and healing. I’m hopeful that these concepts will help you find the answers you seek. You are welcomed to look around the site and/or my Youtube channels to discover more about these concepts. Feel free to contact me by email with any questions.


Certified Spiritual Coach
Sound Healing Therapist
Reiki Master/Teacher Certified by Professor Krisna N Sharma
*Additional Certification in Animal Reiki
Neuro Linguistics Practitioner - Master
Ordained Minister in all 50 U.S. States

About Me:

I'm a highly sensitive  Empath with several of the Clairsenses. I grew-up spending a lot of time in my father's 3 story antique store on the Denton historical square, where I became familiar with energy that remains on objects and in places. I was also very sensitive to feeling other peoples energy. As a child, I was misunderstood and constantly overwhelmed. This led to many problems, from which I would spend years seeking answers. My healing started as a young adult through connection and support from others that shared in understanding.  We can heal from the past. Having a strong support net of connection, love, and understanding is vital. Let's heal for ourselves, for our children, our loved ones, and our future on this planet.

I have a very eclectic background in religion with family and close connections to Christian (several branches), Jewish, and Muslim faiths. As a young adult I studied religion. I began Christian seminary studies at age 26, but found myself on another path that led me to alternative study in Religious Theory. That path led me to learning many different religious beliefs, traditions, and practices of this world. My interest in science developed, as I discovered similarities in wellness traditions and practices around the world. I wanted to understand our world and how energy drives our existence. Like many others, I was drawn-in by Quantum Physics, which helped to explain the nature of our perception. From there I began to put together a puzzle that is incredible! I discovered a passion for Quantum Physics which gave me an understanding of how particles behave on a quantum level. During my studies I found many scientists and experiments that explored the human electromagnetic field. Many experiments dealt with with sound and light frequency. Research led me to find frequencies that are effective at managing the human energetic field. I began to work with sound frequency using pre-recorded music, crystal sound bowls, and tuning forks. I've used sound therapy with humans, animals, & plants with tremendous success. My journey continues everyday, as I learn and discover new things about our minds, bodies, spirits, and the science of our universe.

You're welcome to contact us to book a session or with any questions.

Crystal Clearings

Crystal Clearings