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Sound frequency can provide many emotional, mental, & physical benefits. Certain frequency ranges can actually create new neurological pathways. An example of this is called a Binaural Beat. This is when the left hemisphere of the brain is introduced to a certain frequency, and the right side a different frequency, the brain will subtract the frequencies and begin to oscillate to the difference. Binaural Beats will engage both sides of the brain, having them work together, creating new neurological pathways. We call this Neuroplasticity. As we age we lose neuroplasticity in our brains. Sound therapy actually improves neuroplasticity giving us better memory, faster thought processes, improved mood, and much more that is still being explored by science.

There are several links at the bottom of this page that explain the science behind frequency, monaural, and binaural beats

Tuning Forks for the Physical, Crystal Sound Bowls for Higher Consciousness 

Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks are a powerful tool for bringing your brain and body into a healing frequency. Scientists have discovered that drastic changes of frequencies in the electromagnetic field can indicate mental and physical illness. Physical frequencies can be manipulated with the use of sound frequency. Tuning forks can be implemented to change the frequency in your electromagnetic field. Through the use of several different gentle frequencies, tuning forks are moved/combed through a persons energy field to clear any frequencies that may be lingering in their energy. Trauma, rejection, sadness, disappointment, and other feelings can become trapped in our electromagnetic  field.  Some people carry these energies with them all of their lives. The knowledge and understanding of how to manage those frequencies is important to a persons ability to be successful, happy, and well.

Quartz Crystal Sound Bowls

Sound bowls are used to balance and activate Chakra Points in the body as well as, bring connection to higher-self, collective consciousness, and intuition. Higher frequencies are achieved with crystal bowls, from 256-484 hertz. These frequencies are found to create deep relaxation, connection, and activation of Chakra Centers. The frequencies of crystal bowls create a sympathetic vibration that can be felt throughout your body.  The use of bowls that are tuned to 432 hertz are believed to be in a divine frequency.  A Sound Bath is the art of playing several bowls in harmonious notes simultaneously, creating a wash of sound that gives a powerful cleansing and activation to your energy.  

Crystal Clearings

Crystal Clearings