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Stephanie Michelle

I am many things, but I am not any single thing. Of those things, I am a Spiritual Counselor, Clairvoyant, NLP Master, Esoteric, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Empath, Loser, Victim, Survivor, Fighter, Lover, Helper, Seeker, Finder, Healer, and so much more. I am not only a physical body in a physical world, I am an incredible mind, and a beautiful soul. Just like YOU!

For over 20 years I have researched esoteric knowledge and explored the possibilities of human consciousness. It is through my own personal journey that I have come to certain understandings that have opened the door to true connection and healing. I'm hopeful that these concepts will help you find the answers you seek. You are welcomed to look around the site and/or my Youtube channels to discover more about these concepts. Feel free to contact me by email with any questions.

*A note for my Astrology enthusiasts!
My Astrological placement is:
Cancer/Sun, Aries/Moon, Capricorn/Rising, Sagittarius/North Node. 

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