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Healing Sessions

(Available In-Person and Video)

Healing sessions are not intended to replace the need for Counseling, Psychology, or Medical treatment.
Energetic Home

Bring the energies of your home into a comforting frequency. Using sound, light, and smell frequencies, your home will be energetically cleared and brought into a favorable frequency.

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Astrological Healing

Do you feel like you're negatively aspected in your Astrological placement? Understand your placement and learn how to engage the positive aspects of your natal Zodiac placement.

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Sensory Healing

Frequency is in all of your senses. You see, hear, feel, taste, and smell the world around. Using your 5 senses, you will learn how to heal your energy through various sensory frequencies

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Cellular Rejuvenation

Cellular Mechanotransduction is performed by using 432 hz natural sound frequency / vibration to activate your cellular structures. Your cells could be doing so much more!

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You will learn how your body's Facia retains memory, and how to change your chemical and electrical responses to release energy from past trauma, or to end the PTSD response loop.

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Love & Relationship

Heal past relationship trauma that you carry into new relationships. Release current relationship breakdowns through NLP techniques, guided meditations, and energy healing.

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Energy Alignment

Align your 7 Primary Energy Centers to promote the proper flow of energy through your body. Applied light and sound frequency healing with 432 hz Crystal Healing Bowls.

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Manifesting Success

Release blockages that keep you from being the most successful version of yourself. With NLP techniques you can get to the root of your blockages, clear them out, and know the real "Secret!"

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Pet Energy Therapy

Pets need healing too! Depending on the pet, its health and vitality, gentle sound frequency, and crystal healing techniques are used to bring your pet into a balanced & healing energy.

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Understand why your body responds with anxiety, and learn how to control it. With the use of NLP techniques combined with energy healing, and science you can break free from anxiety.

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Healing by Creativity

Healing through creativity is very powerful. Many times, it is through the creative process that we find release from our thoughts and feelings, allowing energy to flow, and healing to begin

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Group Sessions

Group sessions are available upon request for any of our healing services. Live performances with Crystal Bowls are also available. Click below for our contact form, to receive more information

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