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Welcome. I thought instead of having a bio, I would just take a moment to speak candidly with you.  This kind of work is very personal and I feel having someone you know is genuinely on your side, and totally non-judgemental, is so very important,  particularly when times get tough. 

Here's my cliche rundown. I'm Sun in Cancer , Moon in Aries, Rising in Capricorn, N. Node in Sagittarius. Mother of 3 now grown children. Nearing 50, but you can't tell, because I'm 5'2", and so much like a kid. Well, a kid with an attitude. I'm a certified Spiritual Coach, a NLP Master Practitioner, and Bronze Level Youtube Creator. I possess all of the Clairsenses. Some senses are stronger than others, at different times. My strongest senses are Clairvoyance and Clairempathy.

On a more personal note, I've been around energies of many kinds since I can remember. I grew-up playing in my family's 3 story antique store. If you live in the area you probably know it. It was burned to the ground on Christmas night in 2017. This is still a very sore spot with me, so please let me avoid that part of the conversation. As a child I became familiar with the energies of the store. I came to understand many forms of energy through the store and many other places and people. I didn't understand at the time, but I was an empath. I felt everything. 

I come from a Sicilian family. My grandmother practiced the traditions associated with Strega. She passed away when I was young, and wasn't around to show me the way. It is believed that it's passed through the bloodline. I believe that is true, as I have done things instinctively and discovered much later that it was a tradition.

I was very misunderstood, as a child. Traditional belief systems applied so much stigma, that it impaired my ability to gain understanding of life on a higher level, as I so deeply desired. I was shamed for asking the wrong questions and having ideas that weren't in line with traditional beliefs. My response to this was particularly belligerent, even as a sweet innocent child. I'm very proud of that little girl. 

As a teen, it started to wear at my subtle energy, and I became very anti-tell me what to think or do. I definitely took the wheel, but I didn't know how to drive. I was really angry and misunderstood. It got me into situations that impacted my life, and my future. I became a survivor of some very serious situations, and a survivor of my own bad choices. 

I was a damaged Empath that was on sensory overload. I was on sensory overload all of my life, so I didn't recognize it, until I was broken. Damaged as I was, I went on to other damaging situations to find relief. I'm sure you get where this is going. 

It was through my desire for understanding during a time when I was facing a particularly high level of adversity that I began to study religions. As a child, I was exposed to several religions and belief systems through friends and associates of my parents. Religion and belief systems were always a point of curiosity with me. My father was by all definitions a philosopher, and would spend hours talking with me about any and every possibility. I literally crave for that kind of unveiled, unchained mental stimulation as an adult. This took my path in some very inspiring, and satisfying directions. I grant that my North Node in Sagittarius may have something to do with it.

So I studied, looked-into, and researched everything I could find. It was an arduous task, until about 2002, when the internet was really rolling. I learned about modern belief systems like Metaphysics and Quantum physics. I'm by no definition a scientist, and my scientist friends are hard to budge on what they call "pseudo science," but as far as I see it, much of science is exactly that, pseudo. Particularly when you look at things on a quantum level. I personally understand where many of them stand with regard, but it is out of the box thinking that drove our understanding of science, as we know it today. If our scientific minds are bound by misunderstood rules (Albert Einstein - that's gonna hurt someone's feelings) and limited thinking, how will we ever grow past this point of understanding? Great minds will prevail. We know so much about the physical world and our physical bodies, but we know very little about the things we can't perceive with our known senses. This is the future of scientific exploration, the unknown. Quantum physics is leading the way into that understanding. 

Many, many, many years later I found myself separated from myself, my spirit, my essence. It was my "Maastricht Blue Period" (if you have a flair for the dramatic/artistic.) It lasted about 7 years. I was getting the karmic beatdown of the Century. It got dark, my friend. I was about 5 years-in when I got some kind of kick in the Kundalini. It was like nothing I had experienced before, so I (of course) had to research it. Research led one thing to another and I was able to take all of the pieces of the puzzle that I had been constructing for 20 years, and put it together in a mind blowing way! It was a period of enlightenment that over about a year inspired many of the techniques that I use today.

At this point, I was getting the message. Kundalini kick, check! Digging-in to some info, check! I was up against some very aggressive energy, which at the time, I had no escape from. It was like the dark energy parked on top of me and I had to get out from under it. I got pretty desperate. I wished for someone to save me, but no one was coming. I would never commit suicide, for several reasons, but I had a few thoughts going that were not good. The reasons... were lengthy. This is where it gets good, friend. As you can imagine, I had all this knowledge, but I wasn't strong enough to apply it. I was literally being drained 24/7. It was so harsh. It was everywhere I could see, in every possible direction. I forced the situation to allow time that I could use toward relaxing and healing ,using my techniques. Over several months, I began to regain strength. Some days were certainly better than others. Recovery takes time and patience. 

Things started to lighten-up, little by little, the darkness was transmuted into light. Things started to fall into place. Burdens were being lifted away. One of my Youtube channels became a connection to my true path. I started to see what people really need, and I began to offer it. I was gifted many Crystal Healing Bowls from a company called Leize on Amazon. You'll find their link in my Crystal Bowl videos. The  company has been so supportive and generous with me, I will be forever grateful. Through learning about the bowls, I discovered how powerful frequency can be. This led me to further research into frequency and healing, which so happens to be the future frontier of medicine. I had already developed "The Rules of Resonance" and the direction that it took from there is what led me here. 

Cleansing and healing energetic fields, home environments, work spaces, and buildings,  through sensory frequency, became one part of my focus. I found that limiting beliefs, negative self-narratives, and perceptual disconnect are also very vital to address and correct. A persons inner narrative and beliefs will make or break them. Just cleansing energies won't work, if the damage keeps happening, or someone is susceptible. I have several tools and proven techniques that I use for understanding, and changing limiting patterns.

I've always, for some unknown reason, been against limiting people or concepts. May that be creatively, mentally, spiritually, or otherwise. I have studied many religions and belief systems, but I don't subscribe to them. I learn from them. As a NLP Master Practitioner, I use strategies to breakdown limiting thoughts and belief systems.  For some, I may also use astrology to help one understand their placement. If there are issues with natal placement, I will use NLP strategies to help you change the aspect that you're experiencing, to put you on the right path. I may align Chakras in situations were energy is out of balance. I don't use traditional counseling or psychiatric methods. I am not a licensed therapist or a psychologist. I don't spend time in the problem, and drain you with sessions that take more than they offer.  I developed a program that takes 15 weeks to complete. It all comes down to understanding things that we were never taught, which bring connection to one's self. 

Another tool that I use are my Crystal Bowls. I provide sensory healing through live sessions, video meditations, in-person healing sessions, and events. This is where my soul sings. I love playing the bowls for others, it brings immediate, visible relief, and relaxation. 

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